Dr Michael Graze (07) 5598 0660
Level 6 Suite E Fred Mckay House, John Flynn Hospital 42 Inland Drive Tugun, QLD 4224

Shoulder Surgery

Dr Graze is particularly focused on Surgery of the Shoulder. He performs a wide range of procedures including clavicle fracture fixations, Shoulder Replacements and Arthroscopic Procedures (Rotator Cuff Repairs/Stabilisations for Dislocations).

Please click on the link below that pertains to your procedure for further information and education.

Arthroscopic Sports Medicine Procedures

  • Subacromial Decompression
  • Shoulder Stabilisation
  • Rotator Cuff Repair


  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Hemiarthoplasty


  • Clavicle Fractures

Pre Operation

If you are required to book surgery, our reception staff will talk you through the process. They will assist you in finding a suitable date for your procedure and also guide you through the paperwork required by the hospital. Please ensure that you have all of your relevant personal information with you e.g. Medicare and Health Insurance Details.

You will be required to fast (nil by mouth including water) prior to your surgery. Please listen carefully to your doctor and our reception staff in relation to this information.

If you are unsure of when you need to begin fasting please call (07) 5598 0660.

When you shower in preparation for your surgery please do not use any perfume, deodorant or apply makeup. Female patients should refrain from wearing nail polish. All jewelry should be removed and valuable items left at home.

Once a date for surgery has been arranged you will be booked in one of the following preadmission clinics (approximately 1 week prior to surgery).

  • John Flynn Private Hospital
  • Tweed Heads District Hospital

As your surgery requires overnight admission you should take the following to hospital with you:

  • Toiletries
  • Pyjamas
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Medicare, Health Insurance Information


Post Operation

At the time of booking your surgery you will be given a post-operative consultation date. If you are unsure of this consultation time please call (07) 5598 0660.

You will also receive an education pack at the time of booking your procedure. This will be at a cost of $50.00 and includes the following:

  • DVD outlining post-operative exercises and physiotherapy requirements
  • Hot/ cold pack for treatment pre and post-operatively
  • Information sheet containing detailed exercises and post-operative information
  • Pulley to aid exercises following any surgery of the shoulder
  • Sling to be used following surgery of the shoulder

If you have been asked to wear a sling or brace please so do as instructed, particularly while in bed or while walking around.

Prior to discharge from hospital you will also be given post-operative instructions. Please follow these closely as it will have a great impact on your recovery.


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