Dr Graze performs a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for various hip conditions. He performs Total Hip Replacements at John Flynn Private Hospital, Tweed Heads District Hospital and Murwillumbah District Hospital.

Below is a table of diagnoses and potential treatments or surgeries that may be appropriate.  Click on the blue text in the table below to find out more about each.


Information About Your Diagnosis

Potential Surgical Options


Hip Arthritis


Total Hip Replacement (Dr Graze’s preferred Total Hip Replacement technique)

Dr Graze has trained to perform anterior and posterior approach for hip replacements.

Revision Total Hip Replacement


Hip Bursitis



Individualised treatment plan with conservative measures including steroid injections, PRP, hydrptherapy, and physiotherapy.

Tears (Ligamentum Teres Rupture, Abductor Tear, Labral Tear)  

Individualised treatment plan including steroid injections and physiotherapy.



Dr Graze also has training in trauma surgery and can assist you in treatment and recovery from hip, thigh, and pelvic injuries including fractures, dislocations, tendon tears and ruptures.