Dr Graze has a special interest in surgery of the shoulder and has completed a fellowship in shoulder surgery in Canada. He performs a wide range of procedures, including fracture fixations, shoulder replacements, and arthroscopic procedures (acromioplasty, rotator cuff repairs, stabilisations, etc).

Below is a table of diagnoses and potential treatments or surgeries that may be appropriate.  Click on the blue text in the table below to find out more about each.


Information About Your Diagnosis

Potential Surgery Options

Subacriominal Bursitis / Rotator Cuff Tendonitis/ Impingement  

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Subacromial Decompression and Acromioplasty

Biceps Tenodesis



Rotator Cuff Tears


Subacromial Decompression and Acrominoplasty

Rotator Cuff Repair (rotator cuff repair video)

Dr Graze’s preferred Rotator Cuff Repair technique


Gleno-humeral Arthritis  

Shoulder Joint Replacement

Mathys Total Shoulder Replacement

Mathys Affinis Inverse Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement 


Shoulder Dislocation / Labral Tear

Chronic Shoulder Instability / Dislocation


Anterior Stabilisation of the Shoulder

Latarjet Procedure


Dr Graze also has training in trauma surgery and can assist you in treatment and recovery from injuries of the shoulder girdle and arm including fractures, dislocations, tendon tears and ruptures.

He has a special interest in trauma surgery of the following conditions:


Information About Your Diagnosis

Potential Surgery Options


Acrominoclavicular (AC) Joint Sprain / Dislocation


AC Joint Repair


Proximal Humerus Fracture


Proximal Humerus Fracture Repair
Clavicle Fracture  

Dr Graze’s first preference is treatment with Intramedullary screws with plates and screws as a backup option.